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Dr. Fackler's specialties include:

Sports Injuries

Treating sports related injuries is the primary focus of Dr. Fackler's practice. The treatment of sports injuries can be the most challenging and at the same time the most rewarding as he plays a critical part in restoring an athlete back to his or her full potential. Many athletes in the Houston area have benefitted from the specialized training and years of experience Dr. Fackler draws from in treating the unique needs of athletes who require treatment for sprains and strains, knee injuries, shoulder injuries, fractures, dislocations, and torn tendons or muscles.

Disorders of the Knee and Shoulder

Dr. Fackler treats knee and shoulder disorders and injuries including torn or damaged cartilage, tendons and ligaments, broken bones and bone spurs, torn rotator cuffs, frozen or stiff joints, inflammation of joint linings and arthritis.

Arthroscopic Surgery

Shoulder and knee arthroscopy involves performing surgery using a small camera (arthroscope) and small surgical instruments inserted through small surgical incisions. Arthroscopy reduces surgical risk and pain and improves healing time. Many types of surgery that were formerly performed with traditional open incisions are now done arthroscopically.

Joint Replacement Surgery

Dr. Fackler has expertise performing Oxford partial knee replacements, as well as traditional total knee replacements. He also performs total and reverse shoulder replacements. Joint replacements may be necessary in cases when exercise, braces, physical therapy and medications are not sufficient to treat injuries or disorders of affected joints.

Fracture Treatment

Treatment of broken or fractured bones can often be managed in the office, but can require emergency treatment in the hospital depending on the severity and location of the fracture. Contact our office right away if you suspect a broken bone. Dr. Fackler has experience in treating all types of bone fractures, from hairline fractures to compound fractures. Treatment may involve a simple splint or cast or surgical treatment using pins, plates, screws or rods.


Arthritis is an inflammatory disease that comes in many varieties, resulting either from genetic abnormalities or from overuse or injury of joints. Dr. Fackler treats all types of arthritis requiring surgical intervention, from osteoarthritis to rheumatoid arthritis

Hand and Wrist Injuries and Disorders

Dr. Fackler has training and experience in the treatment of hand and wrist injuries resulting from sports accident and falls, as well as repetitive and stress-related disorders such as carpal tunnel syndrome and trigger fingers.

Pediatric Fractures

Dr. Fackler routinely treats fractures in pediatric patients. It's important to treat pediatric fractures differently from adult fractures because children's bones are still growing. There are many factors to consider when treating broken bones in children, with issues ranging from treatment compliance to how various treatments will affect future functionality and growth.